mitchum d.a.

is a design agency based in Hamburg, Germany.

Founded in 2004, when we raised from the ashes of »Haus der Lüge, GPG«,
a design collective founded in the early 1990s.

All in all we have 20 years experience in design-work for the cultural industry under our wings,
with emphasis on music and contemporary art.

Whether it's the development of comprehensive branding systems for music festivals, jazz concert series, electro-clubs or bands, websites for national team football players (thst's »soccer« for you northeamericanos), work for documenta-artists, gigposters, art catalogues or record cover for obscure noise bands, we have pretty much done it all and are looking forward to the next challenge.

We collaborate with a network of designers, programmers, journalists, illustrators and photographers,
if a job demands it.